Friday, 28 April 2017

New Mouse

Have been struggling with an old Logitech mouse for some time, intermittent tracking et al. Decided to get a new one, ordered yesterday and arrived this morning from eBay. Wireless with a dongle transmitter, plugged it in and wondered why I never got a new one ages ago.

Monday, 24 April 2017


Had a great day out at Bruntingthorpe on Saturday, met the lads and helped clear out one of the portacabins lots of goodies which needed saving, and lots of old pipes and cables which needed dumping. The weather was like a summers day for a change, so got lots done.

Family Tree

Last week, signed up for a free trial of was heavy work, but found quite a lot. Unfortunately most of my research is Scottish and the site has still not got the Scottish 1911 Census data loaded, so in essence can't progress much further at the moment.

Have cancelled my subs for now, still retain my data however and may go back to them when the latest Census has been added to their site. Met a long lost cousin during my searches and he has passed on his findings, which have been added to my tree.

Virgin Media

Last week Virgin Media started installing their fibre cable network in our street, work starts 7 am and continues till 6pm. The pavement outside our property being dug up and a channel now has the cabling and fill done. They are continuing to fill the channel with tarmac today so should all be finished soon. I might upgrade to Virgin to take advantage of full fibre broadband next year as currently my contract with BT expires March 2018.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Compost Heap

Last week I started emptying out my rather large compost heap and distributing the contents around the garden. I have since bought two more manageable plastic composting bins which will be easier to deal with. Not much more to dig out now and when finished, will use the enclosure to house my barbecue.

24th April: Old heap distributed around the garden, area tidied up and now looking much better.

Dry Verge

Last week I got dry verge fitted to my bungalow, excellent fitter and a job well done