Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Double Q scramble at twilight

Saturday along with a few pals, we are going to Bruntingthorpe to run both jets on a role play double Q scramble at twilight, subject to serviceability of course. This will likely be the last visit of the year. Be good to meet up with the team.


As we have recently had Virgin Media lay fibre cables in our street, have decided to take a TV and Broadband package with them from 30th November. A much better deal and faster broadband speeds. Now awaiting confirmation of the new installation. An early Christmas present.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Wall

A few days back, I decided to repaint one of the walls in my bedroom as there was a crack in the old paintwork. Easy job I thought, not so in reality. The wall is papered however and that is where the saga begins. Rubbed down all the cracked area, filled it with filler, sanded it down all looked good. 

Painted the area with the new paint, looked reasonable and left to dry. Today After having already pre painted the edges of the wall and still looked good, got out the paint roller and all going well till I hit the cracked area, then the paper bubbled up and bits came off on the roller.

 So will have to let the area dry off, put some PVA on to seal it, fill again with filler and after drying sand and repaint, this time with a brush. Wish me luck with the final result.

Saturday, 21 October 2017


Continued with the winter clean up today, washed down the white plastic barge-boards, soffits  and guttering, a tad windy to say the least, but looking much better for the effort. Patched up some guttering joints where some water seepage was evident. Getting a bit too old to be climbing up ladders these days, but job done..

Friday, 20 October 2017

Prep before winter

It is now time to clean the plastic tri wall roofing on my porch roof, accumulation of tile dust from the house roof settles and obscures the daylight. So up on the garage roof with bucket of soapy water and soft broom with a hose down after will see it done for the winter,


Seems to be the time of year that various things need renewing, my passport has expired and also my driving license due in January, both applied for yesterday, next will be my bus pass due in January. Such is life.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Busy month or so

Been busy doing nothing for the last month or two. Garden being tidied up, onions planted, bulbs in before the cold weather hits. Still loads of Dahlias flowering. Continued clearing old bits and pieces from the garage, so a bit tidier now.

Last weekend attended an 11 squadron 100th Anniversary do at Bruntingthorpe and took a good few photos for a change.

Met the LPG team and caught up with current jet problems.  

Bought a new 2 gig PC graphics card as my new flight sim program required it to run smoothly, worked a treat.

Decided yesterday that I really ought  to learn how to do flight sim aircraft repaints as someone wanted a specific model, the one seen in the photo, so it took all day to figure it out and finally got the model done and too her for a quick flight to make sure it looked OK, am glad to have learned something new and which I have been putting off for years.

 Wonder what the next project will be?