Monday, 10 September 2018

New Car

We have been looking for a new car for a while, checked out a few Vauxhall cars and decided on an SUV Mokka design/nav 1.4 turbo petrol model 2018 reg with delivery mileage. Reason for change being a higher seating position and the fact our Astra is quite a few years old now. We should pick up the new car at the weekend hopefully.

Car was picked up on Saturday morning by my wife, I had a test drive on Sunday to get the hang of all the new bells and whistles. Found it a great car to drive, very smooth ride. Took a couple of stops to get the hang of the stop/start function, but am really pleased with this car. Spent the rest of Saturday clearing out all the junk from our old Astra and gave it a wash. My grand daughter is now the Astra owner and she is well happy with it.

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